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3D Body Scan

What Is Styku?

Styku is truth, and truth is power. There’s never been a more powerful, precise, and complete presentation of physical assessment data than Styku—it is 76% more precise than measurements from the most skilled hand-measuring experts. A sophisticated 3D scanning mechanism, Styku collects and displays levels of fitness both in traditional numerical terms but also through stunning 3-dimensional modeling. Measurement data, shape, body composition, and other information are processed and displayed so you can track real changes in your body as it responds to exercise and nutritional guidance. You’ll see yourself as you really are, and you’ll see your progress as you’ve never seen it before.  Watch the video at left to see STYKU in action.

How Is Styku Done?

Tape measures, painful calipers, and hand-held analyzers of questionable accuracy are all replaced by Styku. Styku is quick and non-invasive: you simply stand on the Styku turntable—relaxed and facing forward with arms slightly extended—and hold still for 30 seconds while the platform revolves. Styku captures millions of data points and 600 infrared images, and after the scan is complete, Styku displays an accurate 3D model of you that’s viewable from a variety of perspectives. You can rotate, pan, zoom, and nest silhouettes to see real progress. It’s an honest, objective way to measure yourself as you progress toward your health and fitness goals.

Styku 3D Scanning Pricing

Non-Members $50.00

Members $25.00
Weight loss Clients – Free (included with initial visit each additional at the membership rate of $25.00)

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