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Optavia Program

Schedule a consultation today to discuss the Optavia System!

*Optavia system can be offered to clients outside the state of Ohio or Arizona.

What is Optavia?

Optavia 5&1 program  consists of eating 6 times a day. 5 meals which are called fuelings and provided for you, and 1 Lean and Green meal you would prepare yourself.  You would remain on the 5&1 program until you reach your goal weight.


After hitting your goal weight we would take about 6 weeks to transition off half the fuelings or eliminate them all slowly while adding back in the food groups that were previously restricted.


The OPTAVIA fuelings are just one component of the program. I like to think of them as training wheels to help aid your body into fatburn mode and help you to gain the habit of eating 6 smalls meals a day which is very important for lifelong change.


Please watch this 6 minute video posted below that gives an overview of the program.  If you would like to explore further, please fill out my free & confidential health assessment and we can discuss your goals.


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